Terms Of Service for Online Product Video Service

This is a terms of service agreement between you, the user purchasing the service, and us, Marlon McPherson and team (trading as MMC Digital).

By purchasing our video service you agree to adhere to the procedures and rules around how this service is provided in order for us to process and deliver your project.

Service Description:
This service is a video creation service that is based on our pre-existing templates that are shown to you on our website. You’ll need to choose one template that we will then customise with the content you already have.

Note that this is NOT a custom service where we are creating everything from scratch. This is a service that comes in at a much lower price point and is meant to be a quick and cost effective option.

This means we will only customise the aspects as mentioned on our information pages. Customisations includes, adding your images, text, as well as colour adjustments as per your brand or product.

Needed from you:
You must provide us with the content required for your video. This includes your high quality images, the text (copy) to be used and any other information requested by us throughout the process.

Deliverables and Timescales
The service is will be completed and delivered as an MP4 video file via download link within 5 working days of receiving ALL required items from you, such as your content and images.

There will be limited revisions (small changes) included in your chosen package. If you need further changes beyond the revision limits you will need to purchase additional revisions in advance.

Full payment is needed before the main service or any service extras are started. Payments can be made directly on our website using our order form

Cancelations and refunds
Once your order comes through and work has been started, there are no refunds for cancellations.

Right of rejection
We have the right not to work on any project that we deem as inappropriate to our brand or principles. This means we will not work on any projects that have adult content, promotion of criminal activities, or anything else that may cause reputational damage.

You are responsible for the information inside your video and how it is used. MMC Digital accepts no responsibility for any negative impact is may have on you or your business.