Product Video Templates

Here is a selection of video styles that we can use to create you product videos.

Each template has a name or code for easy identification.

Choose a template that you like us to use and we will add your images, brand colours, logo and your text to customise it.

*Please note that styles cannot be mixed between templates. The scenes in each template can be duplicated and adjusted to add additional content based on your needs.

Also see the content guidelines towards the end of this page.

Template Name & ID: Fragrance – IN01

Template Name & ID: Elegant Blocks – IN02

Template Name & ID: Teaser – IN03

Template Name & ID: Service Promo – IN04

Content Guidelines

When putting together the content for your product video, please bear in mind the limitations and study your chosen template to see how much text and the number images in each scene.

Content Scene:

Typically we have images with text, or you can have one or the other for a scene.
Text should be no more that 20-25 words to keep it large enough and not cram too much into a scene. If your content needs to go beyond the scene limited, additional scenes will be needed.

Content scened may include bullet lists, testimonials, standard paragraphs, or even an image grid.

Opening Scene:

Your opening scene should simply have a short headline of approximately 3-5 words plus an optional sub-headline of up to 5 words. An image may or may not be added depending on the template.

End Scene:

The end scene should have a call to action (CTA) as the main content. This typically would say visit your website or some other instruction or next step. Again, see the template examples.

How To Provide Content

The best way for you to provide your content is by placing the information in a Google Doc or word document based on scene. You would include the text and name or links to any images you wish to use for each scene.

Images will need to be labeled so that we can know what scene they belong to, and you can add them to a zip folder and upload to a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer and send us the download link. Note that we can also grab your images from the product page if you already have them online.

Images will need to be hi-resolution for use in a HD video which is 1920 X 1080 pixels. Your image will normally need to take up about half this space in the video, so around 800-1000px wide will be ideal.

Visual Customisations

All the elements in our templates a carefully put together to present a certain look and feel that works well together. These include backgrounds, shapes, font selection, graphics and animations.

In order to maintain the integrity of the design, we can only customise the following aspects of the template for your video:

Colour scheme Customisation

We can change the look of the overall video based on 1 primary colour.
You will need to let us know if you have a preference by providing a hex code for your main colour and we will have the system adjust the colour selections compliment your colour.

Our system does a great job of creating a colour scheme that provides enough contracts for easy viewing and also making your video look cohesive. We may sometimes make some manual adjustments to refine the look.

If you don’t have a colour preference we may select one based on your product images or brand colours.

Image Customisations

We will use the images you provide across the templates. Please let us know beforehand if you have a preference in where each image is used.

For some templates to look great they need to have images that have their backgrounds removed. In this case you can provide us with these images in PNG format or you can add background removal as a service extra and we will do this for you.

Otherwise we will use your images “as is” or do basic cropping where needed.

Background Music

Music will be added to your video by default. We will choose an appropriate royalty track—that means it is cleared for commercial use without paying royalties.

However if you have a preference you can have us use any of the music you hear in our template demos. Simple give us the template name/ID which has the music you prefer and we’ll use that.

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