Get an engaging short video to help highlight your products and make more sales.

Whether you sell on your own ecommerce store, on Amazon, Ebay or another platform, these videos can help your product stand out and increase sales.

What We Provide

We’ll create a short video of your product using the your existing high-quality product images, that you can add to your product listing or share on social media:

Product Image Repurposing

We’ll use the product images that you already have and show them in a different light

Graphical Overlays

We’ll highlight the key benefits and selling points using overlay text and graphical elements to help your viewer to take action

Background Audio

We’ll add royalty-free background music to keep things interesting

Simple Ordering Process

No time wasting… simply provide the details, choose a style, and we’ll do the rest

Online videos increase conversions

When your prospective customer is searching online, it can be hard to pick out your product from the wall of results they may see in Google, or on a website marketplace.

The first, step to a sale is actually getting them to click on your listing, over the other hundreds of options available to them.

Videos can take things to another level and command more attention.
Very soon, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — that’s 15 times higher than it was in 2017 (according to Cisco

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and get increased engagement with your product offerings videos can be your secret weapon!

Our eCommerce Product Videos

These are samples from our short product videos using images and overlays. If you like our style, we can create your product highlight video based on any of our amazing templates, by customising them to your product.

Here are some project examples:

The Video Templates

We have several product video templates that you can choose from.

How It Works

Each of our videos are made up of separate scenes that can be used to display your content in different ways.

There are 3 main scene types to choose from, an opening scene, a content scene and an end scene—see details below.

Each scene can be around 5-10 seconds and you can see each template to see what scenes are available for each. 


Opening Scene

This can be used as an opening scene or as the only scene in a single scene video:

It normally contains:

  • A headline used to hook the viewer’s attention
  • A subheading with more info
  • 1-2 images


Content Scene

This displays the primary information or details about your product.

It may include:

  • Key benefits
  • Testimonials
  • Other selling points
  • 1-2 images


End Scene

This scene raps up the video with call to action. It tells, the viewer what to do next.

It may include:

  • Website info
  • Call To Action (CTA)
  • Your main takeaway statement
  • 1-2 images

How To Order

1. Choose a video style from our available templates on this page.

2. Place your order using the order form.

3. Provide the info. We need the template ID and the content you’d like to use for each scene—a Google or similar can be provided with the breakdown.
*Please observe the guidelines on this page here.

4. Once we have everything, we’ll create your amazing video for you and deliver it as an MP4 file. All you have to do is upload it to your website and put it to work.

Pricing & Packages

Choose from any of our packages below.




1 Scene Video

One scenes in your video from any of our scene types (Opening Scene, Content Scene, End Scene)


Basic Titles Text & Graphic Overlays

Simple text information overlaid on screen to show opening title, images, or other key information.


Background Music

We’ll add appropriate royalty-free music


Revisions: 1 included

We make small changes based on your feedback


Image Background Removal

Optional Add-ons

Extra revision: $25 per round

Additional scenes: $15 per scene

Image background removal: $15 for up to 3 images


Starts From





6 Scene Video

Have up to six scenes in your video from any of our scene types (Opening Scene, Content Scene, End Scene)


Basic Titles Text

Simple text information overlayed on screen to show opening title, names, or other key information.


Image Background Removal

If needed we’ll cut out the background of your product image to help it stand out (up to 3 images)


Background Music

We’ll add appropriate royalty-free music


Revisions: 2 included

We make small changes based on your feedback

Optional Add-ons

Extra revision: $25 per round

Additional scenes: $15 per scene

Image background removal: $15 for up to 3 images

Starts From


*Standard turnaround time is within 5 working days

Your final video is delivered in full HD quality (1920 x 1080p) as an mp4 file. You can then upload it to your website or anywhere else online.


Questions You Might Have

Do I have to use your templates?

Yes, this service only includes the high-quality pre-made templates that we already put together.

This way the service remains more low cost as creating custom videos will cost you significantly more.

You can the examples on this page, and if you like them we can customise it to your brand by adding your logo, and brand colours.

Other video templates are available so check with us.

I have a service, can I still get a video?

Yes, you can.

Even though these are marketed as product videos, they can be easily created for a service.

All you have to do is make sure you have images of what you do that can be used in the video.

Why do you charge by scenes?

It is much easier for you to work out how many scenes you’ll need based on the content you have, as opposed to the length of a video.

This is because there are guidelines around each scene and what they can contain.

Doing this also helps us create a more effective video.

Can you include a voiceover?

The style of videos are meant to be quick simple and visual ao a voicover is not generally included.

If you need a voiceover to be added you’ll need to provide one that is already processed and edit to the timing of the scenes (5-10 seconds each).

An addtional charged will apply to sync the voiceover to the video – check with us for further info.

I need a more traditional video to be done from footage I have, can you help?

We can provide a custom marketing video from your footage.

Please get in touch to discuss your project and get a price quote.

What aspect ratio can I get my video in?

Our layouts are mainly in 16:9 wide screen HD, however we can adapt them for square videos (1:1) as well.

Note that going from 16:9 to a smaller 1:1 will mean that we may have to remove elements or resize items to make them fit and still look good.

Each new aspect ratio will have to be edited/created separately and counts as a separate order.


Please place your order by clicking the button or use the form below to ask a question.